The World Heritage defence begins – with extra do-goodness

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*UPDATE: **WIN! *Bob’s campaign, which delivered over 5,000 heartfelt messages to the World Heritage Committee, was at the vanguard of public opposition to the delisting request which ultimately failed! Good one!

The Bob Brown Foundation has just launched a campaign to protect the Tasmania’s world heritage listing. Bob (who recently retired after 16 years as an Australian Federal Senator) made his name 36 years ago leading the fight to save the Franklin River in what is widely considered the awakening of the mainstream green movement in Australia.  So it’s particularly cool to see his foundation joining the fight against this new threat to Tasmania’s wilderness from the right-wing Federal government.

The new campaign is aiming to once again use the power of image and celebrity to break through to the nation and rally the overwhelmingly supportive majority into action on the issue. And to do that Dvize Creative  have chosen a killer combination of NationBuilder and Do Gooder, which showcases the potential of our new (beta) integration with the US-based community organising platform.

We’ve seen some great integrations already – including Stop the Trawler (who get the prize for being the first), Solar Citizens WA vote and Protect the RET and the Victorian Wind Alliance, – however this campaign shows what’s possible with a heavily customised Nation.

We’re still refining the tools with many more features to come but **you can already embed a Do Gooder action into your own web site on most plans. **Nationbuilder customers can then connect the two together. This means all of your supporter data will flow from your Do Gooder action into your Nation’s people database, including tags.

If that means nothing to you, don’t worry! Check out the World Heritage Forever campaign to see it in action and sign up or email us if you’d like to embed a Do Gooder action in your web site.