The epic battle to save community consultation in NSW rages on

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The Better Planning Network (BPN) is an inspiring community group which is fighting hard to ensure the community doesn’t get locked out of planning processes across the Australian state of NSW.

The BPN have campaigned effectively for almost two years and won a critical win late last year when the proposed planning laws were rejected by the NSW Upper House. The Premier, Barry O’Farrell, is now considering whether to throw the bill out and try to introduce some of it’s clauses into existing legislation, or press on and try to negotiate it through the senate.

Just 18 months ago these outrageously developer friendly and anti-community laws looked set to be rushed through. But when the community steps up as Corine Fisher and her smart team of campaigners have done, with flexible tools like Do Gooder, amazing things are possible.

This campaign is a great example of using Do Gooder as a full campaign website with site pages used for news, events and resources. Around a dozen actions have been deployed, including email and call in campaigns to politicians at state and local levels as well as raising much needed funds for the campaign to continue into 2014.

Check out their campaign site and lend your support.

Do you want to campaign like a pro?

Do Gooder is packed with powerful campaign action tools like the politician post-code look-up tool used by the BPN guys. Take the tour and start doing good, better.