New goodies from the do-goodery


It’s been a pretty crazy few months in Australian politics and it looks like we have a big couple of years ahead. So, we’ve been working hard tweaking and upgrading Do Gooder to make sure you have all the tools you need to make real change.

Here’s a few of the recent big upgrades. Hope you like them!

Automatically thank your supporters via email for participating with a customisable email which can include a donation ask and your social media links to encourage further sharing. (Go to the campaign overview/advanced section to activate.)

Thank your supporters between actions too (you can have more than one action activated btw!) with our new high visibility popup windows.

**Use our Raise Money tool to fund your campaign.**Research shows the best time to ask for money is after an action is performed so we recommend always following up your main action with a Raise Money ask.  We’ve enhanced this tool allowing you to set default amounts and you can also ask for a delivery address or additional information.

You can now** request a postcode and cc extra people when targeting a decision maker**. The postcode is automatically added to the email signature ensuring local representatives know they are receiving emails from constituents. We also found that people were sending blank or unedited emails using this tool so we added the ability for you to require a customised message as well.

Trouble makers can also now be blocked when you optionally set any action to only allow one action per person. (we needed to do this after an industry front group tried to use a campaign as a platform for lobbying the decision maker!)