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Happy holidays and thanks for being part of the movement to agitate, educate and organise for progressive change across the globe. 2016 has been a tough year for progressives – a serious call to action for all of us to stand up against injustice, corruption, and greed.

Despite the prevailing winds 2016 was a good year for Do Gooder campaigners, together we…

  • got Oregon, USA off coal and raised its minimum wage
  • closed Hazelwood, Australia’s “dirtiest” coal-fired power plant
  • saved funding for librarians in schools across the USA
  • banned greyhound racing in NSW, Australia
  • won a long-fought 10c deposit on bottles and cans in NSW, Australia
  • reduced pathology costs for patients across Australia
  • won protections for Tasmania’s Tarkine Wilderness
  • convinced President Obama to proclaim Bears Ears as America’s newest national monument.

Plus hundreds of other tactical successes big and small. That’s a damn good contribution in a world that desperately needs more progressive wins!

This year we’ve doubled our campaigner numbers (come join us!) and surpassed 300,000 people on our supporter Action List. We also heavily  focused on our core technology, refining our existing tool set and building some cutting-edge tools that are at the forefront of online campaign tech – including our transFORM engine which auto-fills contact forms in the U.S. and Australia ensuring no politician can hide from their constituents for long, a Facebook profile pic swapper we affectionately dubbed the Facebook Badger, a real-time campaign dashboard (still in beta, see below for a sneak peak) – plus we went multi-lingual (10 languages to date) and expanded across the globe with campaigns launching in Peru, Mexico, Italy and the Netherlands joining our existing campaigns in Canada, South Africa, Australia, the UK, the U.S. and New Zealand.

In early 2017 we’ll be rolling out even more tools to help you win the good fight.

Until then, thanks for all you do,

David, Justin and the Do Gooder crew

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P.S. Real-time Campaign Maps coming soon …