Lobbying politicians, it’s fun and effective


Tool Time

As any tradie* will tell you good tools are worth their weight in gold. That’s why we’ve baked a flexible action plug-in system right into the core of  Do GooderThis allows us to go from imagining new tools, to design, build and deployment incredibly quickly.

But before we get to build you supersonic tools we wanted to ensure you had a sturdy hammer at your disposal – an action tool that enables your supporters to find and speak to their political representatives.  Believe it or not many people don’t know who their representative is and even less have ever contacted them via email or telephone. Seriously, we can’t understand why when it’s so much fun and after all as the good people at MySociety say – they work for you!

Do Gooder’s most popular – the email and call a politician by postcode action tools –  make it simple for your supporters to enter their postcode and find their local member. In many countries** Federal and State politicians legally have to respond to their constituents** – this sometimes surprises people but after the initial shock it can be liberating to go straight to the seat of power (after all that’s what big business has been doing for generations!)  

They say a call is worth a thousand emails (they really do). A relatively small number of calls to politicians (from the people that will vote them in next election!) at just the right time can really put the heat on and turn a decision in favour of your campaign. Make it easy for people by providing some talking points and encourage people to have a chat about the issue that’s important to them in their own words (and keep the phone line tied up while you’re at it!)

Already, the first Do Gooder feature campaign successfully used this action tool to reverse a political decision and provide support for solar energy in the state of NSW, Australia.

That’s some hammer.

*Tradie = Aussie slang for tradesperson.