‘If the planet is warming, why is it so cold in my heart?’ asks Alan Jones.


Do Gooder – Dan Ilic does Alan Jones from Do Gooder on Vimeo.

Yes its true. Alan Jones, the right wing shock jock launched Do Gooder.

Though it was through comedian and psychic Dan Ilic, who literally becomes Jones for brief moments to do his routine, before painfully exorcising him from his body. For our international guests or those who don’t watch TV in Australia, Dan is best known for his work on The Hungry Beast on the ABC  (Australia’s national broadcaster).
I invited Dan to speak at our launch because for me he epitomises what can be done with smart, strategic creative when working towards cultural and political change. Dan first impressed me years ago with his piss-take of MTV Cribs for the Bring David Hicks home campaign for GetUp – and more recently called out the poor state of discourse on climate change in Australia for what it is with the I’m a Climate Scientist video.
Dan reminds us that some of the most effective tools we have as campaigners are our sense of humour and a bit of cheek in the face of authority (or rubbish radio ‘journalists’).
Speaking of cheeky, the new Greenpeace ‘Barbie It’s Over’ campaign has been impressing me. The campaign sees Ken break up with Barbie over her nasty deforestation habit. The clever campaign has an accompanying ‘Ken Talks’ twitter account and Facebook page  which already has over 855,000 likes – demonstrating what can be achieved when campaigners engage in great creative and strategy.
It’s our goal at Do Gooder to give campaigners the time and budget back (that they would otherwise spend on web design and build), so that they can get the strategy and creative as right as this.

Until next time, be good.