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John Wardle

.. he’s just helped raise the cultural bar in South Australia!

The South Australian parliament announced late last week that it will introduce major reforms to the state’s liquor licensing laws in response to community pressure spearheaded by the latest Raise the Bar campaign. Bar raiser, musician and tireless campaigner for a healthier night culture which supports live entertainment and good times, Mr John Wardle, took the campaign on with Ianto Ware (formerly of Renew Adelaide).

John launched a Do Gooder campaign site the night before he was due in South Australia for high level talks with government officials.

*“It was great to know the firepower of Do Gooder was available as i walked into that meeting. The power brokers knew what we’d been able to do in NSW with the first Raise the Bar campaign and to then be able to quickly bring that into play for the South Australian community using Do Gooder proved effective within days, as the engagement with the parliament on liquor reform took off.” *– John Wardle.

In just a few months and over 1,800 emails of support later the writing as on the wall for South Australia to join Sydney and Melbourne in a renaissance of small bars, live music, and culture.

There’s a reason why a national “Buy John Wardle a Beer Day”  was recently proposed!

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