Seed smashes fundraising target for Ecuador's Rainforest

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More great news at the Do Goodery…

The Help the locals protect Los Cedros campaign has smashed its fundraising target.

Deep Ecologist and legendary activist John Seed, launched an urgent fundraising campaign to help his old friend Jose DeCoux mobilise local activists and conservationists to respond to land invasions and illegal logging in Ecuador. Jose needed to match a $2,500 grant to get much needed resources on the ground.  Within a few weeks John’s campaign had delivered that and some, bringing in close to $4,000AUD.

That money will now cover the costs of activists and conservationists, risking their lives on the ground, to report and put a halt to the illegal logging of protected tropical and cloud forest in Ecuador.

We asked John what he thought about his Do Gooder experience …

“Do Gooder was really helpful in assisting us to construct our site and in helping us to reach out. I think it’s a great site for campaigns, especially Australian ones and I can recommend it highly.”

Thanks John. For the Earth!

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