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[![Screen shot of the integrated Do Gooder campaign on choice.com.au](http://www.choice.com.au/~/media/Images/Consumer%20action/Sustainability/take-the-power-back/choice-campaign-link.ashx)](http://choice.good.do/take-the-power-back/email-your-state-and-federal-energy-ministers/) [Choice](http://www.choice.com.au/), the people’s consumer watchdog, is telling Aussie energy ministers to get serious about fixing the legislation driving our extreme energy price rises. They’re cleverly using Do Gooder’s nifty **custom data-set tool** to help supporters target their respective state or territory’s Energy Minister. [Take a look](http://choice.good.do/take-the-power-back/email-your-state-and-federal-energy-ministers/). And they’re the first Do Gooder campaigners to [integrate Do Gooder into their own site](http://www.choice.com.au/green-home/energy-campaign/take-the-power-back-campaign/take-the-power-back-campaign.aspx). It works really well. They only launched a few days ago and already have 700+ supporters! [Lend your voice to their campaign](http://choice.good.do/take-the-power-back/email-your-state-and-federal-energy-ministers/). And **good** luck to Choice! ### Do you want to campaign like a pro? Do Gooder is packed with powerful campaign action tools like the custom data-set tool choice.com.au are using. [Take the tour](http://good.do/product/ "Do Gooder Tour") and start doing good, better.
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