Action Maps

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Action Maps – our digital campaign mapping tech –  allows campaigners to setup hyper-local campaigns that provide supporters with an easy way to zoom into their local area and take action that matters to them. Whether it is a global fossil fuel campaign allowing anyone in any country to participate, or a campaign aimed at lobbying a local hardware store to stop selling poison pesticides, our Action Maps connect online campaigning to the real world.

Our Action Maps offer a new way to bring the physical places where we live to online campaigning.

A few recent campaigns that show the potential of map based campaigning ...

Fossil Fuel Treaty
Fossil Fuel Treaty used our tool to encourage people around the world to find and contact their country's most influential official on climate to lobby them to join the treaty.

Urban Threatened Species
The Australian Conservation Foundation is using our Action Maps to highlight the plight of threatened species in locations all over the country. Supporters learn about their threatened local species and then email their rep to take action, with each email automatically customised by location.

Call Your Bunnings
A hyper local campaign that asked supporters to call their local hardware store (part of Australia's largest chain of stores) to tell the manager they are concerned about them selling bird-killing poisons.

Don't sit this one out
We used our own tool to help 7 independent politicians in the recent Australian Federal Election to raise critical campaign funds towards the end of the election campaign period. The map was used without search to encourage people to explore who the front running indie candidates were, and where they were campaigning, before giving money (we raised over $44,000 in just two weeks).