Target candidates in the upcoming Oz Federal Election

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While the Australian Prime Minister seems in no hurry to end the head start he’s enjoying (on tax payer’s dime!) by campaigning before calling an election, his Eukelele playing, hose-less, hand will be forced any day now.

And we’ll be ready for him! Well ... Do Gooder’s progressive community of campaigners to be more precise!

There is no time better than during an election (when politicians will be asking for their constituent's votes) to ask them to commit to policies, especially in Australia's highly transactional political culture.

That's why we've teamed up with our local activist community once again  (✋ to the legends at Australian Parents for Climate Action, 350 Australia, Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers)  to crowd-source the contact details of candidates across the country, so you can challenge candidates on the issues that matter, get commitments, publish score cards and more.

The candidate data is evolving in real-time so get in touch to join the team putting it together – and let’s show the cynics that elections are still about policies and constituents, not just mud slinging, rorts and cheap shots.

Check out Australian Parents for Climate Action's campaign, using the latest candidate data, which just launched ...

Screenshot of Australian Parents for Climate Action Do Gooder campaign

Here's how you could be making an impact using Do Gooder this election ...

Using our advanced politician lobbying tools to locate candidates based on address or postcode, ask your supporters to challenge them on your issues.  Once they have responded you can tag candidates based on their stated position (Supportive, Opposed or Undecided - though these can be customised too!) using our 'Spank and Thank' tool which you can see in action on last election’s successful Protect Our Tests campaign.

And why not ask your supporters to take a selfie to support your campaign? They could then follow up by sending their selfie to their candidates to show them just how important your issue is to them. Now is the time to get personal, get organised and get lobbying!

Photogallery of Selfies from Amnesty International's #CountUsIn2020 campaign

To target candidates this election just ... sign up to Do Gooder (on our Pro Plan to access this feature) and ping us in-app for access to the data.

If you have any questions, we're local so call us on (02)  8417 1079 or email us any time to discuss how we can help you level up your election campaigning.