Real-time Action Maps are good to go!

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Do Gooder stands out from other advocacy tools with our obsessive focus on supporting rapid-response campaigning. Our campaign microsites can be deployed in minutes, actions can be swapped out and chained together in seconds. You can embed our actions in your sites with one line of code and so on.

Knowing what is happening on your campaign site as it happens is critical to optimising your digital advoacy. Up until now we've provided that through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations, but that only gets you so far.


I've wanted to give campaigners an easier and more customised view of their campaigns since we launched and i'm excited to announce we've done just that with our new real-time Action Maps. This map appears on the campaign dashboard and provides a geo-located visualisation of support for your campaign as it happens.

We track the number of unique views and completed actions within each action or across a whole campaign. The resulting conversion rate helps campaigners compare and improve campaigns on the fly and provides options to capture supporter visualisations to send to decision makers or campaign teams.


Action Maps come with a warning though : watching a map light up as your campaign spreads like wildfire can be quite addictive!