Now you’re speaking my language. Multilingual campaigns are a go!

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80% of the world’s population speaks a language other than English yet the vast majority of campaign platforms either do not support other languages or do so in an ad-hoc way. We believe that humanity is at its best when we come together to solve our common problems and any platform built for change needs to be as inclusive as possible to achieve that end.

That’s why we just rolled out a major multilingual upgrade to our full suite of action tools.** You can now campaign in up to TEN languages at once – Indonesian, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Continental or Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, or Spanish – spoken in total by 3.1 billion people across 5 continents**.

Just add language/s and enter your content and we take care of the rest – from field labels and default buttons to follow-up emails and social sharing content. Each language has its own unique URL so you can send language-based emails plus supporters can easily toggle between languages.

Campaigns already taking advantage of the new tools includes our first Spanish language campaign by international consumer group**El Poder Del Consumidor, and our first multi-lingual (French/English) campaign by FairVote Canada. **

imageTranslate that!

We want to make language barriers to creating change a thing of the past, so if you lack native speakers in your team just let us know and we can translate your campaign copy into any of our supported languages  with a 72 hour turnaround and at very competitive rates.

Wherever you campaign, Do Gooder’s got your back! Aprecie! 楽しもう!Goda di! Geniet van! Appréciez! Goce! Menikmati! สนุกได้!