New Features ahoy!

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Target politicians better, faster

We’ve always had one of the best emailer tools around, however it’s always lacked integration with our geo-political databases. That meant, until now,  if you wanted to target a specific politician by email you had to know their email address, and if they were in the US Congress (or one of the growing number of politicians moving to contact-form only communications) you’d be stumped. To fix this glitch in participatory democracy we’ve added a neat little tool within our Email Decision Maker action editor that allows you to search for specific politicians and add them to your target list. This means you don’t need to know their email and if it changes your campaign will remain up to date. Result!

Available on all plans.


Hello Malcolm!

When the current Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, re-took the leadership he stopped monitoring his public email address (citing communication overload) and began directing people to fill out a web contact form. This is a technique practised by a minority of (mostly conservative) politicians in Australia though it is common practise in the USA, particularly in Congress.

Do Gooder’s email engine has been designed to handle contact forms for Congress in the USA as well as email addresses across the globe so we were able to quickly ingest the PM’s form into our system which is already re-connecting him with his constituents.Available on all plans.

If you find your target rep is using a web form instead of an email address let us know and we’ll see what we can do!


Custom Domains are here

We’ve been beta testing custom domains for a while and have officially rolled them out so if you want to use your campaign domain name on your Do Gooder microsite its happy days.  Just go ahead and add the domain in the Account section of your admin. Instructions on how to do it can be found here.

Custom domains are included at no extra charge on our gooder, goodest and goodestPRO plans.


Facebook pixel codes are go!

We’ve had a lot of requests for FB tracking codes recently, so we added them. You can now track every page on your Do Gooder site through your FB Ad Manager. Just go to the Advanced Tab in your campaign editor and punch in your pixel id. Simple. Available on all plans.