More ways to say ...


imageAnother popular feature request just went live. This time it’s all about the thank you. We’ve always allowed you to thank your supporters and encourage them to share your campaign far and wide after they take action. (Bit of a no-brainer that one!)

BUT now as well as that you can also redirect them to another page on your Do Gooder campaign site OR on your own web site. What is that good for? Good question!

It’s good for tracking

Add tracking code to the redirected page to** track effectiveness of paid advertising or other campaign funnels.**

It’s good for donations

Yes, you can already fundraise right after an action within Do Gooder using our Raise Money tool i hear you cry. Yes, that’s true and perfect for those who d not already have a donations platform. Now you can also redirect to your own donations page on your site (be that NationBuilder, WordPress or any third party platform).

It’s good for flexibility

You can now jump to any action or page in your campaign skipping actions when you wish rather than daisy chaining them one after the other as is the default

Now available above the Advanced options tab on every Do Gooder action tool (on goodest PRO plans).