Aussie fracker AGL abandons CSG licenses in historic win for community campaigners

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In a fantastic win for community campaigners in NSW, gas company AGL recently announced it will abandon it’s coal seam gas drilling plans in the water catchment areas of Illawarra all the way up to the Hunter Valley!

Not one, but two Do Gooder campaign teams were behind the victory; Our Land Our Water, Our Future and Lock the Gate have been campaigning for many years and are now finally turning the tide on fracking and the Coal Seam Gas onslaught. Both campaigns have run multiple email campaigns, call-ins and embedded our actions within their own sites and deployed rapid-response micro-sites to great effect.

This kind of long term grass roots community campaign is just the thing that Do Gooder excels at. Our range of action tools have built-in flexibility allowing campaigners to respond rapidly when things change, while our low cost subscription plans make it affordable to run mulit-year multi-pronged campaigns.

We congratulate the teams behind this historic victory and look forward to helping them continue to whip CSG ass good and proper in the coming years!

Read more about the victory here

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