Do Gooders are go!

Do Gooder

**We launched in style Friday night with old friends, supporters and new friends from Lock the Gate Alliance and the Bridge the Gap campaign helping make it a big one. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

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TV Presenter and Producer Ronan Sharkey joined us to welcome the crowd and then introduced chief Do Gooder Dave Gravina who explained just why he thinks we’re entering the age of conflict and why tools like Do Gooder are so important.

Life imitated art as Dave juxtaposed one of the early Do Gooder test campaigns to stop a mega mall in Sydney’s inner west with (poet-activist I Heart Huckabees character) Albert’s existentially challenged attempts to save Huckabees shopping mall with poetry.

The potential of the tool was felt by everyone in the room as a screencast gave many their first look at the latest upgrades to the Do Gooder platform.

We also launched The Frack Off, a competition for the best creative and strategic campaign idea in the fight against fracking and coal seam gas mining in Australia. Visit the competition page for more info and how to enter. There’s a $6,000AUD campaigners prize pack on offer.

The trailer for the film Gasland and a talk by Lock the Gate campaigner Jacinta Green had everyone well and truly fired up (literally!). We can’t wait to see how this translates into real action and change.

And with the site, two campaigns and a competition launched we’d heard enough about campaigns and it was onto the champagne!