Trick out your forms with custom data fields.


imageWe’ve just released a major upgrade on the back end of Do Gooder to make creating and managing campaigns a lot smoother. We’ll share the most interesting changes with you in the coming days, kicking off with this really exciting custom field upgrade.

We’ve had a number of requests from campaigners who told us they needed a bit more than the usual data collection options in their action forms, but didn’t want to resort to cumbersome form builder plugins that lacked the purpose built action orientated features of our tools.

To meet that need while still focussing on action we’ve created the option of including two additional fields, choices or questions at the end of every action tool.You can ask *anything *you like with free form, radio or drop down widget options to choose from.

You will find them in the Advanced tab of every action .. go forth and may your data be good.