238 million reasons for U.S. librarians to smile this week


This week marks an important step in EveryLibrary’s campaign, aiming to stop Trump’s proposed cuts to federal funding for libraries and literacy programs.

After a roller coaster ride of funding promises and threats, library and literacy lovers across the U.S. can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Just this week EveryLibrary announced that the House passed a budget which restored funding of 238 million dollars for libraries!

In early May of this year Congress passed a belated 2017 budget that actually upped federal funding for libraries, as well as a host of other vital programs and agencies - including the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). However just weeks later, President Trump made calls to eliminate virtually all of it.

altPhoto: EveryLibrary

Thanks to the tens of thousands of Americans who stood up, took action, and signed petitions against Trump’s proposed cuts, as well as some solid old-school lobbying, the budget passed.

But the battle for the budget isn't over.

Once the Senate has acted, the reconciliation process begins with the House, and EveryLibrary may once again need to ask for the public’s support to push back against possible proposed cuts in the future.

That's why EveryLibrary is now working to further build their army of literacy lovers, united to uphold support for libraries, and recently launched a campaign to build a Facebook community 1,000,000 strong! Check out their clever friend-get-friend Million Americans for Libraries Campaign.

Henry_Rollins_Libraries_Do_Dood We're not surprised EveryLibrary has attracted the support from people of all walks of life, including the likes of rock royalty Henry Rollins!

As Patrick "PC" Sweeney of EveryLibrary says, "if we can find one million Americans who love libraries on our Facebook Page, we will be well armed to fight against library closures and defunding initiatives."

Power to the people!

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