Countdown to launch - 6pm this evening


Do Gooder launch

After a late night tightening and tweaking the system we’re almost ready.

We knew it was time to go home at about midnight when Dave (chief eskimo and creative director of the Do Gooder project) started a playlist of all his music that had “Good” in the title. It started with Wagon’s “Good Town” (which he swears he didn’t put on his hard disk) but quickly got better with “Good Times” from Sister Sledge, and Salt N Pepa’s “Push it Good”  taking it home.

Speaking of getting better, the Do Gooder app is really starting to shine now. Today is going to be a major test-fest as we prepare to do the software equivalent of tight-rope walking between high rise buildings without a net – the live beta demo!

If you’re in Sydney and you’re one of the 109 people who referred us to 3 or more mates, you’re invited to the launch party tonight. We can’t promise a bug free demo but we can promise it’s going to be good. (If you haven’t received your invite yet, please give us a shout!)

The DoG crew