Call your local MP, it's good fun and VERY effective!

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Do Gooder Feature Highlight

Since we already have a real campaign out in the wild, it’s a good time to highlight a core feature we’ve built for our (Australian for now!) users: we make it super-easy for your supporters to get in touch with their parliamentary representatives about the issues they care about.

Your supporters just plug in their postcode, and we supply their local MP’s telephone details. They say that one phone call is worth a thousand emails. This week, in just three days, more than 300 voters used Do Gooder to call their local liberal MP to voice their opposition to the Government reneging on solar contracts. That’d make it equivalent to 300,000 emails.

This isn’t the first time we’ve swamped Mr O’Farrell’s phone lines; back in 2007,  NSW residents thirsty for small bars and a vibrant night-life used an earlier version of our tools to successfully lobby for new liquor licensing laws in New South Wales. At the time 500 calls in one day made it clear to Barry that NSW wanted change and the party switched its position accordingly. Now that’s people power!

To get some of that power sign up – tomorrow we shut down applications for the Beta programme.