Campaign shout out

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Check out the latest  campaigns just launched on the Do Gooder platform.

1. Buy Ben Lunch
New Matilda is crowd funding journalism in its latest creative call for support.

2. Save Yindjibarndi from Fortescue Metals Group
The Yindjibarndi People are campaigning for a fair deal that respects their Native Title rights from Andrew Frost and the Fortescue Metals Group.

3.Better jobs for Better Chicken
Continuing our food theme the National Union of Workers is asking you to give a pluck about the Baiada poultry workers.

4. Donating Different : Apple asked to support pancreatic cancer research
Apple fans are asking Apple to donate $1 for every iOS device sold to support pancreatic cancer research.

5. Fair Calls For All
Help Number Woman Fair fight her campaign to reduce the cost of calling 1800, 1300 and 13 numbers from a mobile phone in Australia.