Hello Congress!

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image> “This is a game changer, seriously – without this tool we’d have to spend a fortune on contacting Congress. In other words we wouldn’t do it. With Do Gooder we’re good to go in minutes and all for the cost of a cheap lobbyists lunch!”

Sean Watson, Founder & Principal, Catalytik, Los Angeles

Across the world democracy is slowly becoming more open and transparent due to numerous initiatives from within and outside govt. The United States Congress however, in stark contrast has erected digital walls –  in the form of complex web contact forms – designed, it would appear, to reduce the amount of engagement between representatives and their constituents.

Up until now if you wanted to scale these walls you had a few expensive options all with their drawbacks and limited flexibility for campaigners. Not any more! Our Target Politician action tools now allow your supporters to easily email their Congressional reps with surprisingly simple web forms designed to deliver your targeted campaign message at scale to Congress.

imageSee it in action in the Congress: Protect our nation’s fisheries law!’ campaign.

Props must go out to a number of Open Data/Open Source projects that have made this awesome functionality possible including the Contact Congress project by the EFF and the Sunlight Foundation, and Google’s GIS services.

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