Doing Good, right

We’re building Do Gooder, a tool for progressive online campaigning, and yes, we’re almost ready.

On Friday night the Do Gooder team were huddled around our meeting table at the Digital Eskimo studio, talking in serious tones about how to implement some important new features. Yes, new features, in the week before our beta launch on 30 May. This is the kind of thing you should include in a “week notes”-style blog post for a startup company, where you reveal the drama that happens behind the curtain. Right?

So today I cornered Rob, our producer. “If Do Gooder’s like a startup, how long have we been around? What week number are we up to? Are we in Week 45? 53? You can’t have week notes without week numbers.”

Rob looked thoughtful.

“I don’t know. There’s never really been a point in time where you could separate Do Gooder from our client work as a studio,” he said. “I mean, this thing evolved from of our experience of building custom online campaigns for community groups and unions. We were doing this stuff for years, and it needed to become a product when we realised that people were always reinventing the wheel. Everyone’s distracted by the technicalities of online campaigns, instead of focusing on the good stuff, like campaign strategy, community organising and making compelling arguments. So no, you can’t give those kinds of organic roots a week number.”

He’s right. We’re not a startup. Welcome to Do Gooder, where the issues you care about — the positive changes you want to see in the world — are the real reason we exist. We’re almost there, but in the meantime visit and sign up to be part of the imminent beta launch. Have you got an issue you care deeply about? Get the goods early and be a part of week whatever it will be.