Australian Federal Candidate Data is live

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There is no time better than an just prior to an election (when polticians will be asking for their constituent's votes) to ask them to commit to policies, especially in Australia's current retail political environment.

That's why we've just integrated the AEC's candidate data (with the help of Do Gooder campaigners and their volunteers) for all upper and lower house races to help campaigners do this more effectively.

Using our advanced politician lobbying tools to locate candidates based on address or postcode, campaigners can also tag candidates based on their stance/position on your issue (Supportive, Opposed or Undecided) using our new 'Spank and Thank' issue stance feature which you can see in action on the Protect Our Tests campaign.


View APAN's campaign targetting candidates

To take advantage of this advanced election campaigning toolkit just sign up to Do Gooder and let us know you'd like to acccess the data (there is a one off fee of $500 for access and updates).