Announcing Goodlighter: The Twitter tool that gives progressives debating superpowers

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Our latest contribution to the digital commons: might just be the best highlighter on the web in 2018 to date.

Do Gooder is constantly working on software to help the progressive movement, and we've recently formed Do Gooder Labs to invest in building new tools and services for the greater good.

We're excited to finally announce the first tool out of this initiative

It's a free web app to add powerful visual commentary, criticism and observations to text to amplify your voice in online debates.

A Twitter tool that gives progressives debating superpowers?


Twitter is famous, in large part, due to the character constraints of its tweets. It encourages a compression of expression and a distillation of wit and insight that regularly delivers gems.

But those constraints have led to a common approach of screenshotting articles as images to add commentary and get around the character limits.

A handful of power users take various approaches to highlighting text in images to cleverly add visual commentary which elevates their opinions above the din of other social media voices.

However these attempts often have a clunky DIY feel: suggesting people reach for whatever basic software kind-of works for this purpose.

Our mission was clear: we had to go and build the best free web app to do all of this better, giving people the power to: highlight, ■■■■■■ and strike out text in any images thrown at it - all in the browser.


Highlight, and highlight, and...


Why let governments have all the redacting fun, when you can use it creatively to make a point?

Dis / Agree

Get creative with colours and communication to deliver more nuanced responses.

Strike out and Underline

Use a variety of styles, colours and sizes to make your point in a personal way.

All in the browser?

Yes, it all runs within your own browser on your own computer, for a purpose.

We intentionally built this web app in a privacy-respecting way - there are no trackers, analytics or any kind of spying because we also wanted to make a point about surveillance capitalism.

It only works on desktops for now - no mobile devices, but we plan on continuing to add features and functionality in the coming months.

So please take it for a spin, spread the good word and get in touch at @goodlighterapp with any thoughts or your favourite lightening!